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Web Design Process

Register A Domain Name - the first step to beginning the website development process. Domain names are similar to your company's address on the World Wide Web.

They consist of letters and hyphens and can be up to 24 characters long, not including the http://www. characters. Together we will search out potential domain names and then register the name for you.

The Launch

Once your domain name is registered, CRT launches your website immediately with a one-page under development message encouraging your audience to check back regularly.

The Website Development Preliminary Design Meeting

A CRT designer will contact you to set up a convenient time to meet and review your desires for high-quality Internet presence. What kind of impression do you want to make? Do you need a logo? Do you have photos or would you like us to take digital photos? Would you like an order form or on-line shopping? How about animation? What are your key words for search engines to look for? To expedite the development process, CRT's design department offers a wide variety of services, from copy writing to logo design to photography. As a result of this meeting, both parties will know what marketing materials are available (brochures, marketing literature, logo, etc.) and what materials are needed. Developing a website takes just the right personal touch to portray your company successfully on the web.

The designer will request samples of your marketing materials that contain design styles relevant to your corporate image and discuss the look and feel of your future website.

The 3-Step Development Process

First, a front page is created on a confidential URL. At that time, your company representatives can look at the site and review its initial development. Next, after the design concept and front page meets your approval, the designer begins on the inside pages. At this time, your company should carefully edit the website and provide CRT with any text and graphic changes.

In the last step, the designer will make additional final changes and obtain your final approval. Thereafter, a complete technical check ensures that all forms, animation, sounds, links, and e-mail work on a variety of web browsers and you are registered with all the major search engines.

Present The Website To The World!

The presentation of your site to the Internet is a very important part of the website development process. Be sure to announce your URL address wherever your company name appears, i.e. on business cards, stationery, marketing literature, and advertisements. We can also help you with that... Visit our Print Services Area

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