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Email Services

CRT offers access to fast, reliable, and high quality e-mail services at affordable prices. All e-mail accounts come with forwarding and aliasing, along with the ability to access your account from any web browser.

IMAIL Based POP3 / IMAP Mail

We also support POP3 / IMAP-based mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Lotus, Claris and many others.

Utilizing our backbone for these services guarantees secure communications at cost-effective prices. CRT offers Web Browser access to your e-mail using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Access your e-mail anywhere you have a web browser.

Service Plan (w/domain)
1-10 E-mail accounts
11-20 E-mail accounts
21-40 E-mail accounts
41-60 E-mail accounts
61-100 E-mail accounts
100+ E-mail accounts
Antivirus and Spamfiltering Service
Monthly Fee
Please Call us
$25.00 up to 25 accounts

Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting

Give your company its own virtual Microsoft Exchange 2000 server, accessible over the Internet, using Outlook XP or Outlook 2000. Build your business on a state-of-the-art messaging and collaboration infrastructure. Focus on your business, not on your servers.

Messaging has become the #1 productivity application software in business today, used by everyone from the CEO down. E-mail and collaborative messaging have become mission critical applications for business as essentially all companies today use email to communicate with their employees, their vendors, and their customers. The leading messaging and collaborative platform in use today is Microsoft Exchange. However, the power of Exchange does not come out of the box! Many companies have begun to recognize the value of outsourcing this service as a way to reduce cost and better allocate their limited resources.

Leveraging our unique expertise in Microsoft products and web-centric technology, CRT has implemented the most performing and cost-effective platform to provide Microsoft Exchange 2000 as a fully managed hosted service.

Our $19.95 all-inclusive monthly package comes with full-access to e-mail, calendaring, contact management, distribution lists or public folders, using your regular Outlook client or from anywhere through Microsoft Outlook Web Access. Plus you receive 100 MB of disk space, 100MB of Public folder space and unlimited tech support

In order to provide our customers with the ultimate messaging and collaborative Internet platform, CRT leverages Exchange 2000 superiority by the following advantages:

  1. * Enterprise-Class Data Center
  2. * Fully Redundant and Clustered Architecture based on Compaq Proliant Servers
  3. * Technical Support and Web-based help desk platform
  4. * Continuous Anti-Spamming and Advanced Virus-Scanning

CRT Exchange 2000 Hosting Package

  1. Exchange Service Features:
  3. Full Exchange/Outlook functionality: (E-mail, Calendaring, Contact Management, Task Management)
  4. Shared Public Folders
  5. Distribution Lists
  6. Customizable Inbound Domains ("")
  7. E-Mail Aliases
  8. External Contacts
  9. POP - IMAP Mail Access
  10. Disk Space
  11. 100 MB (Aggregated at Organization level)
  12. Optional Addon Features
  13. Instant Messaging
  14. Bulletin Boards and Company Announcements
  15. Hosting Service Specifics
  16. World-Class Data Center
  17. 24/7 Server & Network Monitoring
  18. Unlimited Tech Support & Web-Based Help-Desk
  19. Advanced Security Access
  20. Service Level Agreement
  21. Daily Tape Backups
  22. Desktop Client Accessibility
  23. Microsoft Outlook 2000 / XP
  24. Microsoft Outlook Express
  25. Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  26. Microsoft Mobile WAP Access / PDA Outlook Activesync
  27. Implementation and Administration Services
  28. Assistance for Initial Implementation or Migration Process
  29. Hands-On Web-Based Exchange Administration
  30. Online Help-Desk and Technical Knowledgebase
  31. One VPN Server Account

*VPN Required for MAPI Access

Contact the CRT sales team for further information and to discuss your application.

Mail Delivery using ETRN:

We support the ETRN command that lets you download and send queued mail. This allows our customers to utilize our high-speed backbone and redundant services. Mail can be downloaded at user defined intervals. has proven expertise in providing this type of service and has dedicated equipment for this service.

Service Plan
Basic ETRN / Mailbagging Services with Dialup Connectivity
Basic ETRN / Mailbagging Services with ISDN Connectivity
Basic ETRN / Mailbagging Services with Your Connectivity
Antivirus and Spam Filtering Service
* Unlimited Accounts on customer owned SMTP server
Monthly Fee


Contact the CRT sales team for further information and to discuss your application.

260 Wagner Street, Middlesex, NJ 08846 • 973.887.7737 • 732.529.2100