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Dedicated Access

Dedicated services offer superior solutions for organizations and groups that need full-time, high availability Internet access with maximum performance. With CRT's dedicated access you connect your local area network to our powerful Internet-optimized backbone via dedicated connections.

CRT offers many dedicated access options:

Integrated Services Digital Network is a system of digital phone connections which has been available for over a decade. ISDN can provide up to 128k of bandwidth and is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that cannot get DSL.

CRT offers ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line - different speeds for download vs. upload and bandwidth that is not guaranteed), SDSL (Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line - same speed download and upload and a guaranteed bandwidth) and IDSL (Integrated Digital Subscriber Line - allows users further away from the Central Office to use SDSL technology).

Frame Relay and Point to Point Access is available at speeds that you designate. CRT also offers the ability to bundle multiple T-1 connections, allowing users to enjoy speeds up to 6x faster than normal T-1 speed (1.5mps). In addition by bundling T's you also add redundancy to your network's connections in the event of a line interruption.

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